The main functions of the PAO are :

  • Maintenance of pay accounts and AFPP Fund accounts of PBORs, Territorial Army (TA) personnel and Defence Civilians (Girl Cadet Instructors)
  • To ensure prompt settlement of pay and AFPP Fund account of personnel becoming non-effective, issue of LPC-cum-data sheet in respect of PBORs becoming non-effective, rendering of Abstract and Receipt charges for inclusion in All India Compilation of Accounts

Records speak that MEG has a history dating back to 30th September 1780. This shows the vintage of PAO (ORs) MEG as well. As per available information, PAO (ORs) MEG was in the forefront of other PAOs in terms of its quality performance way back in 1942.

The jawans of Madras Sappers are deployed in far flung areas right from Himalayas to Andaman & Nicobar Islands in executing their hazardous duties. It has been the motto of PAO (ORs) MEG & Centre in tandem with Mission Statement of “Service to the Services” to provide a quality service to the soldiers as expected by the Indian Army. In order to accomplish this, “Soldier Information Centre” has been implemented, a soft copy of the “Information” is also provided to the Records, MEG to upload in their intranet for viewing by the soldiers deployed at far flung areas.

An important achievement for the benefit of the jawans of MEG & Centre and units and formations under it is the successful implementation of “Monthly Pay System” with effect from June 2010. To start with, salary savings bank accounts of 26745 were credited with salary during June 2010 through Electronic Fund Transfer / ECS.

Earlier, maintenance of the accounts of Pay & Allowances was done in the Individual Running Ledger Accounts (IRLAs) which used to be closed on Quarterly basis and the jawans were being paid by the Imprest holders of the units and formations as advance payments based on the entitlements reflected in the IRLAs, which are subject to adjustment. With the introduction of “Monthly Pay System” which is more user friendly, the soldiers who are even stationed in far flung areas of the country will get their salary like any other Govt. officials on the pay day which can even be drawn through ATM. The monthly pay slip generated by the DDP Centre of the PAO will be uploaded in the Army Intranet for the benefit of the soldiers who can directly view and raise their queries, if any, relating to non-adjustment of entitled dues.

The AFPP Fund withdrawals and other payments like HBA, Scooter Advance, Medical claims, etc. will also slowly be credited into the salary accounts of the soldiers.

The above activity of PAO (ORs) MEG & Centre will go a long way as a help to needy soldiers of the Indian Army and their beloved family.

We, as dedicated soldiers for soldiers, have provided a small token of service to the “services”. We are committed to provide more service, look forward.